The emergence of the new tiger economies in India and China has seen an enormous demand placed on the vast natural resources of Australia. Australia is experiencing an unprecedented resources boom with a combination of massive foreign investment as well as Australian based companies expanding operations in almost all states of the country. The majority of this activity is focused in the northern and western parts of Australia.

The resources boom shows no signs of slowing with confidence boosted by the emergence of several start up mining companies competing for a slice of the action. The activity in both the mining and resources sector is forecast to remain buoyant for at least another fifteen years.

With such activity focused on the resources sectors, there has been a rapid drain on Australiaís domestic engineering talent in the building and construction industry which is not only busy keeping up with ongoing population growth, it has had to respond to the rebuilding post the recent Queensland flood disaster and other natural events caused by a changing in weather conditions. With the Government reaping the benefitís economically from the resources boom, Australia will see ongoing pressure on the available skills with the reinvestment of funds to infrastructure projects such as the National Broadband Network (NBN) set for immediate commencement with many more earmarked for the medium and long term.

The Australian Engineering industry across all industry sectors is one of the most advanced in the world. Australia is at the forefront of the mining and resources industry being a world leader in mining technology services and equipment, making our companies among the most efficient extraction operators in the world. Globally, Australian talent is also well recognised in the areas of skills, training, occupational health and safety and diversity.

With the current and forecast activity in the above-mentioned sectors, Australia is a very wise choice of career destination for Indian Engineers who are looking to expand their knowledge and strengthen their global career prospects. Australia is also a great place to work and live as an added bonus.